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IPPW 2020

17th International Planetary Probe Workshop 

Cancellation of IPPW 2020 due to Health Concerns

It is with much regret that we announce that the IPPW 2020 Workshop and Short Course in Monterey will be cancelled. The Short course committee will be organizing an updated course, EDL-State-of-the-Art 2021 and it will be held when the IPPW Workshop resumes in 2021. The ongoing health concerns with the COVID-19 Corona Virus makes the prospect of bringing the IPPW International Community together in Monterey unrealistic. However we are pleased to announce beginning April 30th, there will be a series of webinars that will engage members of the IPPW across the globe. For more information on the six sessions, please visit the IPPW Webinar page.

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Local Organizing Committee

David Cornelius (AMA) — Co-chair:

Aga Goodsell (NASA) — Co-chair:

Sharon McKee (NASA) — LOC Point Of Contact

Valerie Escobar — LOC Point Of Contact:

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Program Organizing Committee

Gilles Bailet

Jörn Helbert

Som Dutta

Todd White

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